If you’ve noticed a decline in your executives’ enthusiasm, it may be more than just spring fever in the air. Low morale is typically a symptom of something much more serious than temporary mood swings or day-to-day conflicts among your executives.

Low morale can be due to psychological stress and burnout. It leads to all kinds of problems, ranging from poor productivity, increased absenteeism, and frequent conflicts with peers and higher turnover rates.

“Better Productivity Through Mindfulness” is a one day program created with the intention to bring about the realization that enjoying yourself at work, loving what you do, knowing what you are doing (mindful work)and appreciating those who you work with, can make all of the difference to an individual.

The program encourages its participants to look inward; improve mindfulness and find meaning in their work.

The programs can be tailored to suit your company’s work-life but in general, it tries to address the following:
1. Improving productivity
2. Minimizing Absenteeism
3. Attitude
4. Conflict Management
5. Motivation
6. Recognition

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