Business educator Do you have a business idea or creative endeavor simmering in your mind, yet you’re not sure where to start? Do you dream of being self-employed, writing a book, or pursuing another creative path, but aren’t sure what that might look like? Maybe you had a business at one time that never quite met your expectations and you would love to revisit your options and launch a more successful version?

If you are an entrepreneur at heart and need help assessing your ‘big idea’ and making it a reality, then SIPE Entrepreneurial education is for you.

SIPE Business educators work exclusively with entrepreneurial types and help them clarify and launch or grow their business ideas and creative longings. Together they focus on their specific projects and all related issues with emphasis on generating successful business or creative outcomes.

This unique education program helps entrepreneurs and creatives:

Clarify potential products, services, or projects.

Gain fresh new perspectives on their options and alternatives.

Build confidence in themselves, their ideas, and their direction.